Modesto, CA- Custom Directory Signs for Clinics & Hospitals In Stanislaus County

Have you ever been into a hospital building and weren’t sure which way to walk? Often times there are employees greeting you at the door and pointing you in the right direction. However, once you walk away from the employee and head down the hall most of us quickly forget the directions we had been told. By using signage in hallways and lobby’s you can assist your guests with directions without having to be present! These signs are know as directories and display information such as which doctor is in which floor, what department is where and where to check in.

Directory signs are very popular in hospital and clinics but they can also be very useful to display in a large building complex, hotels, stadiums and many many more places! These signs are very customizable and come in many different shapes, sizes and forms. A couple examples include:

  • Individual Dimensional Letter Sets : Individual Dimensional Letters can be fabricate out of aluminum, acrylic, gator foam and PVC to name a few examples. These individual letters can be made to any thickness, size, and color per our customers request. These letter are also often times used for decoration around an office space and exterior building signage.
  • Sign  Frame with Slat Inserts : This sign option is mostly common amongst hospitals as they allow space for lots of space for physicians, providers, and departments. The sign frames are often times fabricated out of aluminum and the slat inserters can be made from an acrylic with a magnetic back that allows changing out information easy and cost effective for customers.
  • Post and Panel : A post and Panel sign is often times found outdoors and is great for directing vehicle to parking areas and pedestrians to entrances. These signs can be constructed differently for any occasions. They can be fabricated out of aluminum panels and posts or they can be constructed as a monument sign.

Our most Recent Dimensional Letter Set we have fabricated in house and installed was for our long time customer at Modesto Radiology. These letters were fabricated out of 1/4″ Thick acrylic and painted black our the request of our customer. The letters were installed flush to the wall using Double Sided Tape and silicone.

A Sign Frame option we have recently fabricated in house and installed is for our customers at Sutter Memorial located off of Coffee Rd. These signs we produced as steel sign frames painted black. The provider names were made using vinyl decals on acrylic slats with magnetic backs.

Whatever the occasion maybe our team is confident we can find a sign option that will fit your needs! Give us a call today at 209.229.2220 to learn more!