Modesto, CA – Custom Halo Illuminated Sign for Businesses

Signs are useful for many reasons, for example, it markets to potential customers passing by, it shows off your business’s name and sets the theme of your company. They are great for marketing and adding professionalism.

The image above illustrates Bluprint’s sign we helped create and install. Bluprint is a home mortgage loaning company. They help guide and navigate their client regarding home buying and loan mortgages.

Their sign is referred to as halo illuminated channel letters. Halo referrers to how the signs illuminate from the back, giving a semi “halo” effect on it. The illumination of a sign is usually set by a timer thus saving you energy. Illuminated signs are a great way for customers to feel comfortable going to your business still when the sun sets. It’s extremely helpful during the fall and winter time.

Another example of a halo illuminated sign that City Signs created is for Datapath. Datapath is an IT company that provides services like infrastructure and cloud management. They have an interior halo set that automatically captures a client’s attention when they enter the building.

How To Get a Custom Halo Channel Letter Sign in Modesto?

At City Signs, we help in every step regarding your sign needs! We’ll guide and inform you of each phase of creating your sign.


First, we’ll perform a survey on your building. During a survey, we collect information like the measurements of your frontage (amount of wall space available for a sign), check your electrical components and more.


After your survey is done, your building’s information will be given to a designer. During this time, our City Signs designer will try to create a visual representation of your desired sign. They may make recommendations based on survey information provided like some signs require a raceway. Raceways are used to help individual letters illuminate if the building is not equipped with the required components. You’ll be given a variety of options for sign like color, graphics, illumination and more.


Depending on your sign’s location, it will have to go through permitting with the city/county. At City Signs, we provide a permitting specialist to help guide and navigate you in the permitting process. It’s important for your sign to be approved by the city/county for public safety reasons.


Next, once your sign is approved, it can begin in the fabrication and production departments. This is the portion where the sign starts to become reality! Your sign may go through many phases like welding, prepping, paint, vinyl and more!


Finally, the installation team will reach out to you with a date. They’ll explain if a person is required on the premise (usually is only needed for interior signs) and what will happen when they arrive. Once your sign is installed, they’ll send images to guarantee that you’re happy with your sign.


If you have any questions or are interested in any of the services mentioned above, please contact us at (209)229-2220