Modesto, CA- Custom Illuminated Channel Letter Set, Monument Panels, and Vinyl Window Decals

Whether you are needing a sign for the exterior of your business or interior one option that is becoming more popular is the channel letter sign. These are great for your business as they make your business highly visible as these are high impact signs. Our team can design a sign that fits your business allowing for a positive first impression.

Generally, there are four types of Channel Letter signs:

  • Front-Lit Channel Letters: light shines directly through the front of the letters making them highly visible any time of day.
  • Halo-Lit Channel Letters: internal lighting flows out through the back, creating a halo effect upon the wall behind it.
  • Open Face Channel Letters: these are similar to front-lit channel letters, but the acrylic face of the letters appears to be completely open.
  • Front and Reverse Lit Channel Letters: these are popular ways to illuminate your channel letter sign.

These types of signs are popular because they look great but also have many other benefits to them including:  High Visibility- In a busy area where lots of other stores and businesses are competing for your attention, you can’t go wrong with channel letter signs and professional installation. Even when they are not illuminated, channel letter signs are easily seen and read. Customizable-There is great versatility to channel letter signs, beginning with how large you want the letters to be. Too big or too small will ruin your look, and an experienced sign professional knows the difference. You can have your sign letters made of any color, typeface, style or size. You can bring us your ideas and we can realize them. Durability- Channel letter signs can withstand any type of weather all year long. Once your sign is mounted, little to no maintenance will be required.

We recently worked with Teammates located in Modesto, CA. For this sign package we produced and installed the exterior channel letter set, vinyl decals on the door and windows, and also the acrylic face with vinyl overlays for the monument sign. For the channel letter set we used 5″ deep black aluminum letter returns with 3/4″ trim caps. For the faces we used white acrylic with vinyl overlays. This sign is LED illumined and installed flush to the wall. For the vinyl decals on the windows and door they were digitally printed on 40c w/8509.

If you are looking for a sign that will give a great first impression, a channel letter sign is what you should choose. These signs are great fo r interior or exterior. You can also take advantage of getting your sign illuminated, so at night when you are closed your still marketing your business to potential customers.

Give us a call today at 209.229.2220 to learn more about your options for channel letter sets.