Modesto, CA – Custom LED Signs for Car Wash and Gas Stations

Marketing your company and delivering information is the primary focus of signs. They gain attention for your brand, messages, and business in general. There are signs for every location in and out of your establishment. These signs are as varied as the purposes they fulfill with unlimited customizable options. One of the most successful customizing details requested is LED wiring. This elevates the results of any sign and gives an added flair to any aesthetic!

Vintage Car Wash is a fuel and car wash shop located on Standiford Ave. Modesto, CA. We recently worked on updating their existing signs. We fabricated acrylic sign faces for existing directional indicating Exits and Entrances. We used a Vinyl overlay, that was applied directly over the acrylic to give these sign faces the color and verbiage desired by our customer to help display the company’s brand.For the Vintage Fuel sign we converted the existing non-illuminated monument sign which displayed fuel costs, into a LED Illuminated monument and switched up the layout. We also used Acrylic and a vinyl overlay to give it a new look and achieve the desired layout. By converting this monument into an LED Illuminated monument our customer will now have around the clock marketing that will be seen night or day!

What Types of Signs Can be LED Wired?

With so many sign options available to any business, the main categories there are when it comes to signage are interior and exterior signs.

Interior Signs – The signs that are placing inside your building are great to display information that customers, guests, or employees need to know. They identify specific locations within your facilities and important areas, ADA compliance and  more. Some of the most common signs utilized indoors are:

  • Wall Signs and Graphics
  • Door Signs
  • Directional Signs
  • Entrance and Exit Signs
  • Stairway/Elevator Signs
  • Lobby Signs
  • And More

These can all be fabricated with LED illumination to draw attention faster, and relay messages with a clearer delivery!

Exterior Signs – As previously mentioned outdoor signage is great for marketing and advertising your business. Outdoor signage helps showcase the image of your brand long with your businesses location. It is important to keep in mind professionalism when working on your exterior signage. These signs are the first thing customers, guests, and the community notice of your business and you want to deliver a good first impression. There are many outdoor options that just depend on the on your facilities size, and location. Some choice are; Channel letters, Building Signs, Post and Panels Signs, Monument Signs, Pole Signs, and much more.

These are only a few of the successful options open to businesses looking for exterior LED advertising. Other exterior signs are less of a visual statement, and more of “need to know” information. These include:

  • Hours of Operation Signs
  • Contact Information Sign
  • Open for Business Sign
  • Entrance and Exits
  • And More!

LED signs have the power to gather people’s focus and leave a lasting impression more than any other sign option. We are far passed the days of neon lighting, and have developed greener methods of illumination that are inexpensive, long-lasting, and effective!

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