Modesto, CA – Custom LED Signs: Monuments & Cabinets for Location Identification

Is your business expanding to new cities, new locations or even relocating? Does your business offer 24 hour service? For many businesses building clientele can be a bit difficult if your building can not as visible as others. Many businesses get recommended by existing customers or find your business online. Now what if your guests cant locate your building? Customer LED signs is just what every business needs. One of the best sign options for identifying your business location to the public would be a monument sign!

We have recently been working closely on a sign package for Standiford Veterinary Center who will be relocating from Briggsmore Plaza to Standiford Ave in Modesto, CA. We were contacted to remove their existing signs and fabricate a new sign package. The new sign package included a monument signs and a sign box (sign cabinet) both illuminated for 24 hour visibility. In this case, including LED illuminated signs to their package was important as they are one of the few Veterinary Centers around who offer 24 hour pet care. We fabricated the base of base of the monument sign using aluminum and painted the texcote finish to match Autumn Gray and fabricated the address numbers out of acrylic to give them a 1/2″ dimension. The top half of the sign is a double sided Cabinet with divider bars to incorporate the tag line. The hanging sign is a single sided LED illuminated cabinet with an acrylic face and vinyl overlay to read “24 Hour Emergency”. The cabinet was mounted onto existing wooden beam using posts and bolt plates. As you can see these signs are simple and straight to the point, perfect to advertising your service, hours, and location!

A monument sign allows your building to gain more exposure and makes your building easier to find when guests are on their way to pay your office a visit.  Often times when your business is hard to locate guests tend to get frustrated and decide to go else where, this could turn into a big problem for your business. Monument signs allow your business more visibility and easier access. Some important information to include onto your monument sign can include your address, business logo, and often times can be used for multiple tenants to display their information as well if your building is a shared facility.

Hanging signs was also a sign that was included in this sign package. With a hanging sign you can customize anything from size, materials, colors, stylized fonts, and you can even opt for an illuminated hanging sign. Hanging signs are great to display your business on streets with heavy foot traffic such as downtown areas, big cities, and more. With hanging signs you don’t need to directly attach any signs to you frontage making the removal much simpler and leaving less holes to patch and paint. Some common examples of hanging signs include:

  • Aluminum Panels
  • Lit Sign Boxes (Cabinets)
  • Blade Signs
  • Wooden Sign Panels
  • Banners
  • And Much More!

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