Modesto, CA – Custom Marketing, Sign Re-locations & Repairs for LED & Neon Signs

Have you purchased your signs a couple years back and are in need of some service? City signs offers any services to new or existing signs such as replacing LED’s or neon units on your signs, cleaning them up, and even installing a bird repellent if needed. We know just how important signs are to your business and we understand a sign that is not aesthetically pleasing might not attract as much attention as it should. This is why we are here to help!

The repair and maintenance of your signs are just as important as the choosing the of the signs themselves. There are many types of services that we can supply for these goals, and some of them include:

  • LED Wiring Repair
  • Sign Face Repair
  • Color Updating
  • Image Replacement
  • Structure Repair
  • Weather Resistance Addition
  • And More!

Can you imagine your best potential customer is in need of a service you may offer or product you may sell and is driving down the road, he sees your store and the light is flickering and your sign is faded looking like something right out of a horror movie and then looks across the street and sees your competitors sign which looks clean, bright and professional. Where do you think he might end up waking into? Definitely not the sketchy store. This is why it is important to properly represent your business by repairing your signs where needed to for your marketing and advertising . By doing route maintenance on your signs you can help prevent replacements as well!

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