Modesto, CA – Custom Pole Signs: Restoring Existing Signs in Stanislaus County

When someone thinks of signs often times NEW comes to mind. What if we told you that re-purposing existing signs is an option for you? Signs as most things, are not meant to last forever however by using top of the line materials and fabricating carefully and with ease they can last a long time. With natural wear and tear from sunlight and heat exposure through out the years the colors tend to fade, when this happens refurbishing your signs is an option. In some cases, businesses move and leave behind signs that can also be restored by adding some top up paint and your company name and logo for marketing and advertising.

There are many signs that can be reused for new businesses or even revamped for a new updated look. A couple of example of signs often times left behind by previous business owners include:

  • Pole Signs
  • Directional Signs
  • Sign Cabinets
  • Post and Panels
  • And More!

When an existing sign is reused the work typically done is painting poles or frames, stripping the vinyl (graphic prints) from the surface and apply new graphics, or fabricating a new acrylic insert for the existing frame to name a few examples. Reusing existing signs is a cost effect option that many have as options.

One of our most recent sign restore project is for a couple of signs we had originally manufactured years back. Because these signs were located outdoors and exposed to excessive heat and sunlight the colors of the signs faded over time. To refurbish the pole signs we painted the posts and fabricated new Aluminum Faces to be installed over the existing wooden signs. We also updated the hours located on their door as well as contact information for guests to be informed.

Our team at City signs works hard to design a sign layout, fabricate our orders in house, and even service existing signs and installing new signs at the request of our customers. We enjoying helping our customers and providing the best customer service possible. We offer assistance with new logo designs, sign designs, fabrications, sign services and even permit application with the City’s. We work around our customers budget and do our best to meet our customers deadlines. As a team our main focus is our customers satisfaction and providing all with top of the line signs!

If you would like to learn more about the service we offer, give us a call today at 209.229.2220 for your free quote!