Modesto, CA – Custom Sign Company: Wayfinding Directory Signs for Office Spaces

Do you own a building with multiple offices and businesses available? If so we have the perfect sign option that will help direct clients and guests to the correct suit, Directory signs. Directory signs not only allows your tenants to gain visibility and advertise to potential customers who are in the area but also helps guests and clients find their destination with ease. Here at City signs we offer a variety of different custom designs for all of our signs including directory signs that are both aesthetically appealing and efficient.

Directory signs are useful for so many business owners and also for landlords. The verbiage, sizing, colors and materials that can be used to create a custom sign design to fit ones needs. There are directory signs that are often times displayed in hospitals, outside in parking lots, inside large buildings and also in schools. For these signs information that can be displayed include a suite or room number, the name of the business and often times the physicians name and departments.

Overtime tenants move out of office spaces and updating the directory sign is inevitable, our team can provide a sign option that is cost effective, simple, and quick to replace or change if change is needed. We have recently worked on updating an existing directory sign in down town Modesto. This sign was fabricated using 4″ tall by 60″ wide clear acrylic slats. These slats use stand offs as the mounting hardware and cut vinyl decals to display the verbiage. This sign not only works for the tenant but also for the landlord to advertise suites available for leasing!

As a sign company our goals are to fabricate and design signs that are high quality and that our customers will display with pride. We strive to provide the best customer service possible while updating our customers along the way. We have staff on hand to help assist in varies departments when it comes to a new signage which includes the initial sign order, site check, design, permitting process, fabrication and production and last but not least installation! With over 20 years in the sign industry we are very confident we can put together a sign package that will meet your needs.

We are eager and ready to help you in your new sign journey, just give us A call At 209.229.2220 today and find out how you can get started on your Sign for Success!