Modesto, CA – Custom Sign Designs: LED Illuminated Signage for Restaurants

when opening a new business there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Signs for examples, are one of them. There are many signs that are required by law to be displayed in your business such as ADA signage and emergency exit signs to name a few. Although exist signs and ADA signs are customizable they do come with some limitations. On the other hand your exterior signage can be made out to any way you please!

Exterior signs can be LED Illuminated, small or big, and can even include any colors and verbiage you would like to display. Here at City signs we offer a wide variety of customization options. A few options include over 1,000 fonts, multiple different color combinations to choose from and we even offer our customers the option to add any artwork to the signs (this includes logos for branding purposes). When it comes to sizing all our signs are custom made meaning you can customize to any size you please whether it be height, width, and length. We offer materials of many different dimensions to create your perfect signage.

LED illuminated channel letters are fabricated out of aluminum and can be shaped to any letters, sizes, and shapes. Channel letters can also be known as block letters because of their thickness. Once the letter has been shaped and assembled our production team can then begin adding the LEDS. LED channel letters also have the option of including a raceway other wise known as a wire way. A wire way is used to house all of the wires so that your sign can stay up to code.

We have been working with the owners of Gusto Italiano opening soon in Modesto. For their sign package they decided to go with an illuminated sign and individual channel letters. These signs were fabricated out of aluminum and were flush mounted to the building.

City signs has had the pleasure to help hundreds of small family owned shops, restaurants, and even vehicles such as food trucks, pet grooming trailers and personal company vehicles within our  years in business. We stand behind our work 100% and enjoy providing our customers with the best customer service possible!

Whether you are looking for a simple sign, illuminated signage, signs for office decor or to inform guests, we are here to help! So give us a call at 209.229.2220 today!