Modesto, CA – Custom Sign Package: Building & Pole Signs for Stanislaus County

Are you looking into new out door signage for your business? Whether your are updating dated signs or if you are re-branding or even just opening up a new business Channel letter signs are the right choice for any business! Channel Letters serve a purpose of much more than just your building signage, they leave a lasting impression to all guests with their customization, lights, and designs.

Channel letters are one of the most popular sign options for businesses because they are easy to read, see and offer options for illuminations. Channel letters are aluminum formed shapes, letters, or characters and stand individual meaning each letter is separated. The face of the channel letter is often times made out of an acrylic material that includes the color chosen by customers to fit their logo or brand and can even include any design or artwork. Some channel letters do not actually contain a face because they are back lit meaning the light shines behind the letters instead of shining forward.

A couple different examples of channel letter signs include:

  • Face Lit Channel Letters – As you may have guessed by the name of the sign, these letters include internal LED’s and acrylic faces . The acrylic faces allow the light to shine through making these letter light up.
  • Back Lit (Reverse or Halo Lit) Channel Letters – With Halo illuminated letters fabrication is a little different. Instead of the letters including an acrylic face for the light to shine through, the lit must shine behind the sign. These letters are essentially made reversed. The front of these letters is all enclosed and made of aluminum, the LED’s are added to the inside of the hallow sign . Because the light cannot shine through the front the light comes from behind the sign giving it the halo effect.
  • Non Illuminated Channel Letters – Non- illuminated letters can be made similar to either option listed above the only difference in this case is that there are no LED’s included so they sign will not light up.

Picking what illuminated or non illuminated option you would like for your building is only the beginning. You can choose to customize your sign from any color combinations to any fonts, designs, sizes, and shapes. With ordering custom signs you can ensure you are not settling for your dream sign but designing your dream sign.

We have recently taken part in re-branding a local Perkos Cafe in Salida, CA. This Perkos location was re-branding into a Huckleberry’s. These sign were fabricated as face illuminated channel letters and were approximately 28″ tall. For this sign package we also produced an acrylic insert for an existing Pole Sign facing the highway, another great form of advertising our business. The insert was fabricated our of panaflex and is roughly about 144″ x 144″ big. This sign package includes many great advertising and marketing signs!

Are you interested in learning more about the right signs for your business? Give our experts a call today at 209-229-2220 and learn how you can too can be on the patch to success!