Modesto, CA – Custom Signs and Services for Malls in Stanislaus County

At the mall there are many businesses some that have been there for years and some that are new. Because the mall is a very competitive retail space it is important to make each store stand out from the rest, and we know just how to help. With Signage! Mall signs can all be different depending on the location and management requirements. There are many designs to choose from most of which are very customizable that can be personalized to fit in with any aesthetic needs.

Signs help in a number of ways, some are displayed with a purpose to inform others are displayed to advertise but one thing is for certain; SIGNS DONT GO UNNOTICED! A couple of signs that are often used in mall settings include:

  • Illuminated Channel Letters
  • Halo Illuminated Channel Letters
  • Illuminated Sign Box
  • Dimensional Letter Sets
  • And More!

When designing a new sign for any business it is important to make sure that the sign is legible, clean, and attractive to consumer eyes. A great way to do so is by using a font that is easy to read from for away and including bold color combinations that cant be missed. Storefront signs are what get customers through the doors and is why taking a fast and easy approach is probably not the best way to go. That is why City Signs is here to help!

As professional Sign  experts our design team can put together a design that will not only get your business noticed but that will fit in with your business aesthetics as well as be in compliance with mall management regulations. Our most recent work for the Modesto Vintage Faire Mall was a router cut aluminum panel that is backed with acrylic and was installed onto an existing light up cabinet for Aim Point. Because of the router cut letters the acrylic material allows light to peek through which allows the sign to illuminate even though aluminum is the substrate. A second example is the new sign also recently fabricated and installed for Mind Blowing Sports. This sign was made using an Aluminum composite substrate and vinyl overlaid onto the panel. This type of sign is quick to produce however it does not allow an option for illumination.

Are you interested in learning more about your sign options? Give us a call today at 209.299.2220! We look forward to setting you on the right path to your own sign for success!