Modesto, Ca- Directory Signs

Not every city and government building are set up the same, and those that are easy to navigate achieve this through a series of well-placed identification signs. Most often when you visit your local offices, you’re looking for one very specific room or department. The people who work there have no problem finding their way around but citizens may find it difficult, especially if the reception area is empty. There are many different types of identification signs which include: LED signs, wall signs, hanging signs, directories, graphics for windows, ceilings walls & floors, building signs, and many more!

This is a great way to present information to visitors and staff alike. It’s obvious and intuitive all at the same time. Signs like these go a long way to easing people’s stress in finding the department or area they are looking for. It also helps employees.

We’ve worked with many different businesses to come up with a type of signs that works best for their facility. Leer Building, Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, Centerra Properties, Modesto Radiology, plus many more! We also

worked with the Modesto Nuts to produce and install a new directory sign for John Thurman Field. For these 48″ x 48″ directional signs we used a new 3/16 clear acrylic panel  with the print, printed reverse on 3M clear with white applied subsurface.

Remember to select signage that is appropriate in style and materials to the building’s interior look. If it’s not easy deciding what is right, contact us so you can benefit from our extensive experience. There are many aspects to signage to consider. We can help you through every stage of the process.