Modesto, CA – Double Sided Monument Signs For Businesses

Signs help businesses get seen by potential customers. They show off your logo and can make it stand out in a business complex.

At City Signs, we can help make your sign. One of the signs we offer is an illuminated monument sign that is double sided.


Fumi Sushi Monument

An example of a double sided illuminated monument that we made is the sign above. Fumi Sushi’s monument catches the eye of potential customers. At night, it glows with white LED internal illumination. It’s eye catching, day and night. Fumi Sushi is a Japanese cuisine restaurant that has a full bar. A highly recommended sushi place!

Turlock Dental Care Monument

Another example of a monument City Signs created is the monument for Turlock Dental Care. The beautiful monument has added flat cut out (FCO) letters to show the name and address of the business. It has a gorgeous side which is referred as an accent polished aluminum finish with brushed aluminum overlays. Turlock Dental Care is dental team that offers many services regarding dental like virtual consultations, clear aligners and more!

How To Get Your Own Monument?


The first step of getting your sign is having a conversation with City Signs design team. Our designers have years of experience in customer service and design. They can help design your dream sign.


At City Signs, we also have a permitting team that will ensure that your sign follows county guidelines. Our team will contact and interact with county officials for you.

Fabrication & Production

After the sign is designed and permitted, it can get sent to fabrication and production. Depending on the sign, it can go through multiple steps like routing, channeling, prepping, build, wiring, paint and quality control.


Routing refers to cutting the material to make the shape of your sign. Using Turlock Dental Care as an example, the FCOs need to get routed first. After routing, the FCOs need to get prepped. Prepping refers to cleaning the FCOs before it gets painted or gets layered with vinyl.


Monuments also start with routing. The routing department helps cut out the shape of the monument. Once the shape is cut, it enters the building department. The building department consists of professional welders. They help ensure your sign is strongly built. Afterwards, if needed the monument will get wired with LEDs and painted.


Fumi Sushi’s monument has a panel to show the business’  logo and name. Panels get routed first and get a layer of the desired graphics placed on it.


At City Signs, we also provide installation services for your sign. Once your sign is finished in the fabrication and production department, the installation team will contact you. They’ll discuss with you the details of how the installation process will be.


If you’re interested in any of these services or have any questions, please contact us at 209.229.2220