Modesto, CA – Exterior Sign Frame with a Lexan Sign Face for MJC Baseball

We recently received a call from the MJC baseball team located in Modesto, CA. They wanted an eye-catching sign that not only brought out the school’s amazing personality but also helped recognize their loyal sponsors. We knew what would work and they were immediately on board.

As you can see in the image, the exterior sign frame, featuring a Lexan sign face, stands out against the brilliant color of the wall the sign hangs upon. The black frame, the cut vinyl lettering, and the logos against the white background look as good as a sign you would see in an NFL stadium.

The Pirates are Modesto Junior’s college baseball team. They recently won their home finale 73 over CRC. For more information on Modesto Junior College Baseball, you can visit their website at

To create this sign for the MJC Pirates, we used a metal sign frame that we painted black. The Lexan Sign face looks great against a bright, solid wall and the materials we used made this sign more attractive than most like it. We went with a printed vinyl on 3M 180C-10 with a 3M 8518 laminate. We also used cut vinyl overlays in 3630-12 in black as well as white.

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