Modesto, CA – Get to Know Routing with City Signs

In the world of signs, routing refers to cutting of material. Routing can be done by hand or by machine. Machine routing provides more preciseness. Routing machines can cut through ACM, acrylic and more.

At City Signs, our preferred routing machine to use is the MultiCam 1000 Series. The Multicam 1000 series comes with EZ control that’s easy to use.

Most sheets of material are 4ft by 10ft (48in by 120in). To be cost-effective, it’s best to try to add more than one project on a sheet.

Routing is usually the first step for every project in the sign industry. An example of an exception is when a project requires lamination. It’s better to laminate and then route to let the machine do the difficult portion of the project for you.

The picture above shows an example of the MultiCam 1000 Series routing. The clips help hold down the panel to make sure it does not move when routing occurs.

Routing is very important in the sign industry. It helps to make the shape of signs, provides welders with a base to follow and makes life easier. A routing machine helps your sign get done faster and more precise. Another example of using a router efficiently is when you have a sign that is mounted flush to a panel. The router can make holes in a panel rather than have to drilling through the panel yourself. This method provides speed and accuracy regarding the holes for the sign.

Routing Software

Routing also requires familiarity with software. A popular software used with routing machines is EnRoute. EnRoute allows the routing machine know how much material is on it and what shape to cut it. Other popular software applications that are used with routing machines are: COREO CAD/CAM Software, Engview Package & Display Designer Suite, Alphacam, SigmaNEST and ProNest. For more information, visit the Multicam website.


If you’re interested in getting your sign in line to be routed and made, please call us at 209.229.2220.