Modesto, CA – Illuminated Letterset for CVS Pharmacy

Recently, we were asked by CVS to install new signage on their stores in Modesto. They supplied us with the signs and we got to work and had the updated signs in place in short order.

The image shows the new signage complete with the “healthy” heart. The updated signs with the new CVS logo can now be seen throughout the Modesto, California area on all CVS Pharmacies.  Day or night the new signs make it easy to locate a CVS anywhere in the city thanks to great use of an LED illuminated letterset. The new signs also clearly show the receiving/entrance, making it easier for delivery people to know where they are going and customers not to get confused.

An all-purpose pharmacy, CVS sells prescription drugs and a wide variety of general merchandise including over-the-counter drugs, cosmetics and assorted beauty products, film and photo finishing services, seasonal merchandise for all your favorite holidays, greeting cards, and some convenience foods. To demonstrate their commitment to the health and welfare of their customers, CVS stopped selling tobacco at its 7,700 locations nationwide on September 2, 2014, citing its ongoing commitment to their customers’ health and welfare.

CVS provided us with the new signage that they wanted installed. The first thing that we did was to remove and dispose of the existing 54” illuminated Letterset. We then installed the new 39 1/2” LED Illum Letterset, with the new logo. We also installed an 18” x 24” receiving/entrance plaque and two acrylic panels 23’ x 101” for each monument sign.

Whether you are a well-known chain like CVS Pharmacy or a specialty shop in a small mall, or a professional office, whatever your business, our customized signs will help catch the eye of potential customers and clients and tell them who you are and what you do in a single glance.

Let us help you to enhance location identification, advertising your business in a cost-effective way that never sleeps. As an industry leader in making customized signs, City Signs in Modesto, California, helps your business with whatever signage needs you may have. In fact, we pride ourselves on making you more visible to customers and potential customers alike, hence more profitable. We look forward to putting your ideas to work for you.

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