Modesto, CA – Installation of Wall Graphics for Businesses

Wall graphics captures the attention of the eye. It decorates a plain wall with color and vibrancy. Graphics can also provide details of the company to customers.


Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond Lion

An example of a wall graphic we helped install was Blue Diamond’s lion, logo and statement. The graphics captivates the attention of everyone, even City Signs own CEO wanted to pose with the lion. The graphics even make the lion’s paw look 3D.

Blue Diamond Logo & Statement

The eye then follows to where the logo is, making Blue Diamond memorable to any person walking by.

Vituity Emeryville

Another example of a wall graphic we helped with is Vituity Emeryville’s.  Their graphics help show their message of “Transforming health to improve lives”. The graphics add color to the room as well.

The Process of Getting Wall Graphics

The first step of getting wall graphics is communicating with your City Signs designer. Our designers have years of experience in customer service and design. They’ll make your dream design a step closer to real life.

You can also send your own design and our designers will adjust it to fit on the desired wall.

The next step is knowing where you want you design to be. This helps our designer and installer know how to put your graphics up.

Not A Visual Representation of Design. Placement of graphics assistance

The above drawing is what our designers used to assist in them in adjusting the graphics of Blue Diamond that was mentioned earlier. The drawing looks simple but is very useful to the designers and installers.

Afterwards, the graphics are printed on special paper to reserve the quality of the design.

Lastly, installation can occur. City Signs has a great team of installers that know how to place your graphics in the most appealing way possible.


If you have any questions or are interested in any of these services, please contact us at (209)229.2220