Modesto, CA – Interior and Exterior Signs for Wellness Centers

Signs are useful for multiple reasons like they show off branding, they can be informative, they express creativity and more! Wellness centers are places that offer health services, physically and mentally. The medical community is always under constant stress and needs a peaceful environment to relax and focus on one-self. Signs are used in wellness centers to help with setting the tone of the environment and providing directional guidance.

Sutter Gould

Recently, City Signs helped create and install signs for Sutter Gould Medical Foundation’s MMC Wellness Center.

The sign above is referred as painted FCOs with graphics. They notify people that they arrived to the MMC Employee Wellness Center. The beautiful graphics express calmness and tranquility.

City Signs also helped create and install the interior sign for the wellness center. The sign above reminds employees to relax, unwind, meditate and breathe.

Another sign we helped create and install is the post and panel above. The post and panel provides guidance to employees who don’t know the area well. It shows people where to go if they’re trying to find the wellness center.

How To Get a Sign

At City Signs we provide services for every step in getting a sign, from surveying to installing. We’re here to make sure you have a good experience regarding all your sign needs.


First, we will survey the premises of where you want your sign to be located. During a survey, we collect information like frontage measurements (the amount of wall space available to place a sign on a wall), check your building’s electrical components and more! This helps our designers create a proof (visual representation of the sign) that aligns with your location.


Next, your survey information will be given to a City Signs designer. Your designer will use your measurements to design a sign that fits with your location and provide a visual representation of how it’ll end up looking. During this time, you’ll choose what types of signs you want. At City Signs we provide a variety of signs like:

  • FCOs
  • Post and Panels
  • Channel Letters
  • Banners
  • ADA signs
  • Restroom signs
  • Monuments
  • And more!


After your designer creates your proofs, depending on your sign, it will have to go through permitting. Permitting is required for exterior signs that are facing the public. It’s best to order your signs earlier than later since some cities/counties can take a while. Signs must pass permitting for it to commence in fabrication and receive an install date. In permitting, the city/county may ask for your sign to be revised to follow guidelines for public safety.


Following permitting and design is fabrication and production. This step is where your sign is physically getting made. Depending on your sign, it might go through welding, prepping, painting and more!


Finally, once your sign is done in fabrication/production, the install team will reach out to you. They’ll let you know if they need anything from you during this time. For interior signs, a person must be present to allow access to our team to the building.


If you have any questions or are interested in any of these services, please contact us at (209)229-2220