Modesto, CA – Interior Wall Signs for Malls

Are you considering moving your shop into a mall? Malls introduce your business to a market of pedestrians that want to shop. Customers are there looking for something particular. They might find that particular item in your shop or enter by curiosity. Your shop will get attention by having a beautiful sign.

Maximum Sports

Recently, City Signs created and installed a sign at Modesto’s Vintage Faire Mall for Maximum Sports. Maximum Sports is a pop-up shop that sells collectibles. They decided to go with a capsule sign with backer panels. The capsule pops out to the eye because of its illumination and mysterious background panels.

What Type of Mall Sign to Get?

If you leased a space from a mall and are deciding to get a sign, there’s a few things to keep in mind. First, its best to have all your paperwork cleared up with the mall owner. Some malls will not allow for a sign to get installed if some paperwork has not been finalized. Next, it’s good to know what types of signs are allowed in the mall. The landlord may have regulations like only channel letter set signs can be installed. It’s best to check with your landlord about which signs are allowed.

The Most Popular Type of Sign for Malls

Channel Letters

Trelane Boutique’s Channel Letters

The most popular type of sign for malls are channel letters. Channel letters are signs that stand out to a crowd. With channel letters, you can be creative with your graphics and add the option to illuminate. Illumination helps for a sign to stand out more from the background.

FUNZ’s Illuminating Channel Letters

Another option for a mall sign are flat cut out letters (FCOs). FCOs are usually made of 1/2-inch acrylic. They do not provide the option of illumination, however. They can be used for the inside of your business.

With FCOs, you need to keep in mind that they are usually stud mounted. Therefore, they make holes in the wall for installation. If you’re considering FCOs, it is advised to speak with your landlord.

Other Services Provided by City Signs

At City Signs, we provide a variety of services for businesses. For example, we provide multiple choices for wall signs like:

  • Channel letter signs
  • FCO signs
  • Cabinet signs
  • Panel signs
  • Monument Signs
  • And more!

We also provide other services like:

  • Sign repair
  • Sign install
  • Wall Graphics
  • Car Vinyl
  • Design
  • Permitting Assistance
  • And more!


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