Modesto, CA – Lawn Signs for Re-opening, School Graduations & Political Campaigns

During these unprecedented times it is unfortunate that our graduates did not get to celebrate their accomplishments with a ceremony as every generation has, how many businesses had to temporary close their doors, and the restrictions and precautions we all have to take in order to protect the health of our staff, colleagues, students, and even our community. Although this is not what any of us expected to come out of 2020 we understand the measures and sympathies with all. As we begin to reopen many businesses it can be hard and challenging to inform new customers as well as existing customers of new policies, hours and when your business plans to reopen, especially if some of your clients are not involved or part of the social media world. Many graduates and families planed to celebrate their family and friends achievements with get togethers such as , bbq’s, special trips and lets face it, lots and lots of parties.  Although these plans remain on standby at the moment there is another alternative, a fun and creative way to acknowledge graduations, to inform and to advertise your businesses reopening – Lawn signs!

Lawn signs can be made out of many different materials but the most common, cost effective, and perfect for temporary use is the coroplast sign option. Coroplast is a corrugated material that do not be damage by rain when left outdoors. The most common way lawn signs are installed is by staking them to the dirt or grass. Depending on the size of your sign , steaks can be made out of wood or metal and are fairly easy to install your self.

Coroplast signs come in many different sizes and different shapes. Once the shape has been cut and the sign is at the correct size we then apply a vinyl print or cut vinyl that includes any colors, designs, and verbiage desired. Because all of our signs are custom we do not have any specific templates for these signs however with the help of our talented design team we can put together a sign that includes any details and images our customers have in mind to bring their vision to life!

Here at City signs , providing the best customer service in town comes natural! Our goal is to make our customers and guests feel welcomed, heard and satisfied with their final product. With times like these we understand the urgency of orders and we here to help! Give us a call at 209.229.2220 today to place your order!