Modesto, CA-LED Illuminated Signs for Maximum Marketing Success: Outdoor & Indoor

The design, fabrication, and installation process of sign production is filled with options for customization and tailoring. From the brand that the public recognizes to the promotion you want them to desire – signs are focused on for their visual impact and successes. One of the best customization options for any sign product is the ability to have 24 hour visibility. LED lighting offers longer range appeal with around the clock illumination!

This type of custom detailing is great for almost any type of sign, and is a great alternative to costly neon. They can be utilize in the interior signs for your business, as well as the exterior ones. Just ask our team today!

Some of the interior sign options include: wall signs for identification use, graphics to provide information, lobby signs for brand development, and ADA signs for code compliance.

Some of the exterior options include: Window Signs -identify your business and relay information effectively, Parking Area Signs – entrances, exits, and handicap spaces all need to be adequately labeled, Awning Signs – vintage look for a modern practicality, and Monument Sign – perfect for business parks, plazas, and large facilities.

We recently worked with West Orthodontics located in Modesto, CA. For this job we fabricated and installed interior and exterior signage. For the vertical column we fabricated aluminum frame with aluminum skin with a halo logo mounted onto ceramic wood tile. We used 3″ deep reverse pan halo logo with brushed aluminum finish (horizontal grain) edges painted to match: Metallic silver using 1 1/2″ standoffs and White LED illumination. For the bottom cabinet we fabricated an aluminum cabinet with router cut faces painted to match: Duranodic Bronze. For the name and address we used 1/2″ thick acrylic push thrus with vinyl overlays: 3630-70 Diffuser Film, 3630-20 White. For the installation we used Dual 3 1/2″ poles. For the interior signs we produced and installed a reverse pan channel logo mounted to interior reception wall. For this sign we use d 3″ deep aluminum returns and painted the logo to match: PMS 7457c. This sign was stud mounted flush to the wall. The other interior sign of the name of their business”West Orthodontics” was a router cut 1/2″ thick clear acrylic with a Brushed Silver laminate finish, with the edges painted Metallic Silver. This sign was a;so stud mounted flush to the wall.

Any of these signs can be customized to fit what you are wanting. There are a variety of options to aid in the direction and intent that you are wanting. One of the common details that are included in the final

product is adding LED lighting. This allows for the extra visibility to your sign which can draw in more opportunities with new customers.

Are you interested in learning more about the signs and graphics that assist businesses? Would you like to hear about the advantages LED signs can have for your business?

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