Modesto, CA – Monument Sign for Apartment Complexes

Are you considering in constructing an apartment complex or already have one? Are you trying to figure out how to attract tenants? Trying to find a way to label your apartments so that people know the name of your complex?

City Signs can help in creating beautiful signs and vinyl for your apartment complex. Signs are great because it helps tenants find your complex easier, it helps with labeling parking and more!

Kansas House Apartments for Stanislaus Housing Authority

For example, we helped create and install the sign for the Kansas House Apartments for Stanislaus Housing Authority.

Their monument sign helps tenants know the address of the complex and name of it. At the bottom of the monument, it also shows the details of the complex like how it’s wheelchair friendly and was funded by the HCD. Monument signs are great because they allow for creativity, add professionalism and calls for attention. Monuments are eye catching and can be placed in front of the complex as a label (please be advised that your sign must be approved by your county/city).

How to Get a Monument Sign for an Apartment Complex?

If you’re struggling on how to get an apartment sign for your complex, no worries! City Signs is here to help you get a sign. When you contact City Signs, you’ll have a team that will work to create and install your monument.


Once you order your monument, the first step will be a survey. A survey refers to when our team goes out to your complex to get a better idea of where the sign is getting installed. They’ll also check what materials and processes will have to occur for the monument. For example, sometimes monuments will need to have cement rooted before getting installed.


Next, you’ll be assigned a City Signs designer. Your designer will discuss with you what size, shape, color, additional details and more with you. They’ll make different designs based on your description.


Once you decide which proofs (visual representations your designer created for you) you want, the following step is permitting. It’s important that your sign gets permitted by the city and/or county. During this process, your proofs might have to go through changes to accommodate your city/county’s regulations. If you own complexes in different cities, please be aware that each city/county has its own regulations. What is acceptable in one city, may not be acceptable in another.

At City Signs, we provide a permitting specialist who will guide you in the permitting process. They will also contact city/county officials on your behalf.


Once your sign is approved by the planning and building division of your city/county. It will begin in fabrication and/or production. Monument signs go through a lot of phases like welding, body work, painting and more.


Once your sign is finished, the installation team will contact you to set a date for your monument sign.


If you’re interested in getting a monument sign, please contact us at (209) 229-2220