Modesto, CA – New Channel Letter Signs for Local Businesses

A company can limit their potential customer reach by not having a sign. Signs help identify your business, increase branding and market your business to nearby pedestrians. They can come in different sizes, shapes and material. The most popular types of signs are channel letters, FCOs (flat cut out letters), monuments and more.

City Signs has recently installed a few signs in the city of Modesto. The two beautiful signs are channel letter sets.

Build & Motivate

Channel Letter Set of Build & Motivate

Build & Motivate is a great gym to work out at. Their sign illuminates at night to stand out during the night. The yellow and black vinyl helps the gym attract potential gym goers.

La Reina Michoacana

Channel Letter Set with Backer

The image above illustrates the channel letter set of La Reina Michoacana. The La Reina Michoacana is an ice cream shop that specializes in Mexican specialties. There is a slight difference between the channel letter set of Build & Motivate and La Reina Michoacana. La Reina Michoacana’s channel letter set also comes with a backer panel. A backer panel can be added based on client’s preference, a designer’s suggestion (for example to hide parts of the building wall) or to follow city guidelines.

Modesto First Credit Union

Modesto First Credit Union

The image above illustrates interior FCOs (flat cut out letters). FCOs are usually made of ½” thick acrylic. The addition of this sign (Where Members Come First!) was made by lasering to get a refined shape. FCOs can also be used for exterior walls.

Steps for Getting a Sign


First, a City Signs’ designer will help create a visual representation of your sign. They will show you different designs called proofs. The proofs can show different colors, material or style of the sign. The proof page that is selected to go forward will have to receive approval and a formal signature.


 Depending on your situation, your sign might have to get permitted by the city or county. At City Signs, we provide a permitting specialist that can help contact city and county officials. At this stage, some changes may be performed to accommodate the city/county guidelines. The sign design has to be approved by the planning and the building department.


Once the project enters fabrication/production, it can go through many stages like routing, painting, welding, vinyl and more!


Once your sign is finished in fabrication, the installation team will contact you.


If you have any questions or are interested in any of our services, please call us at (209)229-2220