Modesto, CA- PROJECT: Custom Signs for Event Center Buildings

When the time comes to pick out signs for your event center building the bathroom sign is probably not the first one on the list. This is an important sign for the comfort and ease of your guests though! It delivers the location of this area, and gives visitors a sense of peace to know where it is before they need it, and saves your staff the time of having to tell people where it is each time. A win-win!

Event Center areas are often times utilized to house guests most memorable moments such as weddings, birthdays, ceremonies, and much more. In special occasions as such it is important to properly display to your guests where they can find certain areas for example restrooms, entry ways, and exits in a manor that fits in with your buildings aesthetics as well as a method that is compliant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ADA Signs typically require specifications to the text like braille, colors and fonts, sizing’s, and more!

Other customization options to consider when it comes to ADA signs is the material used, color selections, and sizing that will work well with the environment. For instance a modernized signs with modern colors might not be the best choice for a ornate, vintage, or rustic environment.

Some smaller event centers choose to post bathroom signs outside of the rooms themselves, while other larger buildings may require more directional signage, using bathroom signs with arrows to explain where bathrooms are located even if they are on different floors or hidden away.

We have recently worked with The House Modesto in fabricating and installing their interior signs. These signs included directional hanging signs that point guests to the right direction of restrooms, Cafe, kid space , prayer chapel and more all located in this building. The hanging signs were fabricated out of PVC material making the sign light weight and were installed in the ceiling using ceiling hooks and chains. We also produced double sided flag mounted restroom signs that were fabricated out of PVC and were mounted to the wall using metal brackets. Lastly we also fabricated a set of acrylic FCO’s (Flat Dimensional Cut Outs) that are perfect for any lobby, reception, or even storefront area.

We want your space to be perfect, and we are proud to make our signs part of that perfection! Give a call today at 209.229.2220 to find a sign option that meets all your needs!