Modesto, CA – Signs for Cafes and Boba Businesses

Are you considering starting a business that sells drinks like boba and/or coffee? One of the first steps to starting your business is getting a storefront sign. Signs are the first things customers see when looking at your business. The impression your sign creates can influence a customer to try one of your drinks. Furthermore, signs also help lay out the theme of your business. For example, do you want your business to feel like an old school library or a placed associated with preppy colors.

Examples of Different Signs For Boba Shops and Cafés

Bobalicious Cafe

Bobalicious Cafe is a boba place located in Stockton, CA. Moreover, they offer many drinks and treats like milkshakes, baked goods, paninis and more.

Bobalicious Cafe’s sign are face lit capsules. The design lets customers know they provide boba drinks and more. In addition, the elephant gives the theme of cuteness and happiness.


Another example of a boba sign is Quickly’s. The image above is a sign that, we at City Signs, helped create and install for at Ceres, California. The type of sign presented are channel letters on a raceway. Channel letters are a type of sign that “pop” out. Furthermore, they can be illuminated if desired. Also, the raceway allows for the electrical components of the sign to be hidden from the customer’s view. Thus, the sign looks professional and uncluttered.

Blues Cafe

Blues Cafe is a coffee shop located at Patterson, CA. Additionally, they sell pastries, Italian sodas, sandwiches, soups and more. Blues Cafe’s sign are neon and illuminated capsules on a wireway.

Steps to Get a Sign

First, get in contact with one of City Sign’s designers. Our designers have years of experience in designing and customer service. They will guide in the different types of signs we offer and the different material we use.

A few signs that we offer are:
  • Channel Letters
  • Flat Cut Out Letters
  • Monuments
  • ADA signs
  • Panels
  • And more!

Next, we must get the sign permitted by the county. At City Signs, we have a permitting specialist that will help in ensuring that your sign follows permitting guidelines and is approved by the county.

After the sign is approved, it will enter fabrication and/or production. Once in fabrication, it will enter stages like channeling, prepping, building, wiring, painting and quality control.

If you wish to get a sign for your café or boba shop, please call us at 209.229.2220 to get your sign up and ready!