Modesto, CA – Signs for the Inside of the Building

Signs are a great way to show your company’s name and logo. Signs are not limited to the outside of a building. They can be used inside the building as well. They improve branding and give an aesthetic to your offices. A great use of an interior sign is when you’re part of a building that has multiple businesses. An interior sign helps differentiate your business from others.


Cross Country Team Yates has a beautiful interior sign. The City Signs team helped create this magnificent sign. The head of the paint department took great care and time to ensure that the colors came out great. The routing and prepping department checked for correct sizing and great quality.

Another example of a sign that we made at City Signs is this great interior sign for Stanislaus County Office of Education. It expresses professionalism with a hint of fun for the office. It lets people know that they’re at the right location (if they’re searching for the office of education). Counties have a lot of different departments that can make navigating through the buildings difficult, signs help reduce that difficulty.


An additional example of a sign we helped create is Unitek College’s interior sign. The sign shows off the logo which helps Unitek’s branding. It allows students to know that they’re arrived at school.

How To Get Your Own Interior Sign


First, a City Signs designer will help create your sign’s design. They can help you choose the type of sign that benefits your office. The examples presented above are all flat cut outs (FCOs). However, there’s many different types of signs that we can create for you. We create panels, directories, ADA signs, channel letters and more!

Production and Fabrication

Next, your sign will enter production and/or fabrication. In this process, your sign will usually enter the routing department. The routing department helps cut the layout of the sign. The production team will then review the sign with a pattern. A pattern helps ensure the cut size is correct and the holes are on the correct spot. Depending on your sign, it will get vinyl.

Afterwards, your sign will enter fabrication. In fabrication, your sign can go through many phases like channel letters, prep, build, wire, paint and quality control. The phases that your sign goes through depends on the type of sign you and your designer chose. All signs must pass quality control. Quality control helps ensure that we present to you a sign that looks beautiful and is of great caliber.


Finally, City Signs installer can go out and install your sign. Our installers have years of experience in installation. With interior signs, it’s important to have communication. The install team will contact you to find a date and time that best suits your schedule.


If you’re interested in starting your interior sign or have any questions, please call us at (209) 229-2220