Modesto, CA – TEMPORARY SIGNS : Custom Banners for Exterior and Interior Use

There are many options for outdoor signs. Your storefront sign can be considered as an Outdoor signs as well as temporary signs. Outdoor signs can display your sales, promotions, and can even assist with advertising your business .

Temporary signs can be displayed as many different sign options. You can display a temporary sign by using vinyl graphics, an aluminum panel, coroplast signs, wooden signs, but the most popular temporary sign option there is would be the banner sign. There are many more options to choose from. You can have a temporary sign to display a variety of information such as any grand events and can even be used as your main signage while you wait for your long term sign to come out of production.

Banners are extremely customizable. You can customize the size of your banner as well as the information displayed on the banner. You can choose from many color combinations, stylized fonts and layouts. You can choose to incorporate any artwork or design onto your banner or even your company logo for branding and marketing. Banners are made to be durable and the best part is when you no longer need the banner you can always roll it up and storage for a later use!

We have recently worked with American Chevrolet on a couple of banners for their lot. These banners were fabricated out of a 13 oz vinyl banner material and measure 96″ tall x 34″ wide. Because these banners will be located outside for the public eye the banners were fabricated as double sided. To secure the banners from tearing on windy days we fabricated the banners with wind slits as well as stitched hems and pole pockets for installing. Wind slits are great and optional for banners.

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