Modesto, CA – Updating Building Sign Face for Unique Boutiques

It’s always nice to work with clients in our hometown of Modesto. The retail store, Unique Boutiques, recently asked us to refurbish their building sign. They also wanted a few tenant panels replaced on their existing monument sign. As always, we were fired up for it and completed the job smoothly. The results surpassed the client’s expectations.

As you can see from the image, the Unique Boutiques’ building sign isn’t a standard size and shape. The elegant font used to display the company name contrasts nicely with the courier style of the other text. Without the best machinery and sign makers in the business, we would have struggled refurbishing this sign.


Unique Boutiques, however, never struggle finding curators, craftspeople, and artists to supply the goods they sell and hire out. They

 have everything associated with vintage home decor, from DIY paints to furniture and home accessories. If you’re organizing a


vintage wedding, it’s the perfect place to rent what you need for your special day.

We took out the old Lexan face with the intention of replacing it with the same material. The graphics were digitally printed on an 82” by 300” rectangle of 3M translucent vinyl with an 8518 UV-resistant overlaminate. The four tenant panels for the monument sign were cut from acrylic, each sized 65 ½” long by 20 ½” wide. The same 3M translucent vinyl with 8518 overlaminate was used as a base to print the tenants’ names and brands using premium full-color inks. Because our measurements were so precise, the new face and panels could be installed seamlessly.

Keeping your building sign fresh and updated is another way of showing your customers that you’re open for business and ready to meet their needs. You can spend all you like on flyers and social media, but nothing will ever beat a good building sign. In the case of Unique Boutiques, we were able to produce a sign that hinted at the vintage era while promising a contemporary delivery of service. Using 3M translucent vinyl maximizes the illumination offered by the LEDs inside the sign cabinet. If your building sign is starting to look a little tired, it’s time to think about reinvigorating it and giving a boost to your bottom line.

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