Modesto, Ca- Vinyl Interior Floor Decals for Kaiser Hospital

Floor space has huge potential. A floor graphic can be as large or small, as detailed or simple, and as colorful or monochromatic as you would like. You can choose graphics that blend in with the overall aesthetic of your space, or you can pick contrasting colors and images to make the graphic pop. Our team is pleased to consult with you to show you all of your options.

Signs and graphics help your company stand out from the competition, and the more creative you are, the more your company will rise above the rest. Customers will remember your space as the one with the interesting floor graphic, so you will continue to stick out in their minds. It is a low-cost investment with a great return.  There are many businesses that see success in these types of products. Some of these include: gyms, retail stores, grocery stores, medical facilities, business parks and offices, and many more.

We have a long history with  Kaiser Hospital, and they reached out to us to produce some vinyl decals in which they provided the artwork for some of the medical offices. We produced vinyl “eyeball” decals that are being used as a measurement in the exam rooms to complete a vision test.  For these decals we used RTA vinyl floor graphics digitally printed on 180C w/ 8518 laminate, that are 4″ x 10″ in size that fits each exam room perfectly.  We produced about 170 decals for the Modesto and Stockton locations.

We use our expertise from the initial consultation to putting the finishing touches on the graphic design, to making sure the installation is perfect. You will be sure to see success in your business when you have the right team involved. If you want to explore installing floor graphics, connect with our experts by calling 209-229-2220 or you can also visit us online at

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