Modesto, CA – Wall Sign for Dentists and Dental Care Physicians

Dentists and dental care physicians are important because they help people maintain their oral health. They can check for cavities, wisdom teeth issues, repair damaged teeth and more! That’s why it’s vital for dentists and dental care physicians to have a wall sign that stands out to the public eye. When patients have dental pain, their main goal is to reach the dentist as quickly as possible and having an eye-catching sign will help with that. A wall sign benefits both the dentist and the patient.

Dental Care 4 Kids

A wall sign that we created and installed for a dental office is Dental Care 4 Kids.

FCOs for Dental Care 4 Kids

Dental Care 4 Kids chose a beautiful flat cut out (FCO) sign with vinyl graphics layered on top. The sign’s font and color give it a fun and child-friendly tone. Dental Care 4 Kids specializes in pediatric dental care therefore it’s important that they create a friendly atmosphere for children.

Flat Cut Outs (FCOs)

FCOs allow for creativity regarding color, graphics, shapes and more. They are made of acrylic, with 1/2 in acrylic being the most popular option for wall signs. They stand out slightly from the wall without adding too much weight. FCOs can be painted any color that you’d like, and you can add graphics on top of them as well. For example, Dental Care 4 Kids’ FCOs are painted white with graphics on top.

Graphics on FCOs

Graphics can increase the cost of your sign, in comparison to just having it painted a single color. However, they allow for a more creative and precise design. If you have a logo that has multiple colors and different shapes, graphics would be your option. Getting a sign painted with exact precision over graphics would increase the price because the painter has to be very careful with the lines and shading. If your sign is a singular color, the painter doesn’t have to dedicate as much time thus decreasing the cost.

What Types of Businesses Should Consider FCOs?

FCOs are great for any business however some businesses may benefit more from this type of sign over others. FCOs are cost-effective but are limited in certain areas. FCOs do not provide illumination. If your business hours are in the mornings and around noon, FCOs are a great option. If you plan on being open after the sun sets, illumination is something you want to consider. A great option if you do want illumination are channel letter signs (which we can provide at City Signs as well) or your sign can include a wireway with the FCOs. It’s best to discuss with your City Signs designer about making visual representations so you see what option you visually prefer.


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