Modesto, CA – What Are Cabinet Signs?

If you just started a business, then you’re probably trying to find a wall sign that is perfect for your company. A sign that shows off your company’s brand, attracts customers and meets all your company’s needs. There’s a variety of signs that you can choose from like:

  • Channel Letter Signs
  • Capsule Signs
  • FCO Signs
  • Monument Signs
  • Cabinet Signs
  • And more!

Each sign offers its benefits like cost-efficiency, illumination and easy design change. In this article, we’ll focus on cabinet signs.

Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are great type of sign for every business! They offer the option to easily update your logo, color scheme, add illumination and more!

Cabinet Sign for Modesto Gospel Mission

Cabinet signs usually come in a square or rectangular shape. If you wish to have a different shape, you can communicate that with your City Signs designer. Your cabinet can be any color you desire. The main benefit of a cabinet sign is the ease of changing the front panel of the sign. The front panel is the portion that has your logo and name of your business. This is beneficial for companies that like having seasonal designs. Every season you can change your panel with low cost.

Another benefit of a cabinet sign is illumination. An illuminating sign is vital if your business is still open after sun set. With your sign illuminating, it lets customers easily find your business and notifies them that you’re still open.

What Are the Steps of Getting a Cabinet Sign?

Landlord Approval

The first step of getting a sign, is getting your landlord approval. Since changes will be made to the building, landlord approval is necessary. Landlords sometimes implement regulations about what types of signs are allowed on the building. It’s best to check if your landlord approves of cabinet signs. A City Signs project manager can help you communicate with your landlord about cabinet signs.


Next, a survey will be performed on the building. A survey refers to when one of our City Signs teams will go out to gather information like building measurements, frontage measurements (how much wall space is available for a sign) and checking electrical components.


After your data is gathered, it will be given to a designer. Your City Signs designer will make a visual representation of your sign. During this time, you will be discussing colors, size, graphics and more! You’ll be given proofs (visual representations) of each different design that you liked.


Permitting is an important step in getting a sign. Your design has to go to the city and/or county to ensure it follows guidelines. At City Signs, we have a permitting specialist that can help guide you on the permitting process and contact city/county officials for you.


At this stage, your sign becomes reality! Cabinet signs require multiple phases in the fabrication/production area. They go through routing, welding, body work, paint, vinyl and more! Our fabrication team makes sure that every step is done carefully and with precision.


Finally, our City Signs install team will contact you regarding your installation date. They will go over the process with you and once installed, share photos of the finished sign.


If you have any questions or are interested in getting a cabinet sign, please contact us at (209)229-2220.