Modesto, CA – What Are Channel Letter Signs?

Signs are used to capture the attention of potential customers and attract them to enter your business. They help your business get recognized and adds professionalism. One of the most popular signs are channel letters.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are signs that allow for creativity and illumination. Channel letters rely on graphics rather than paint to become the focus on a wall. Graphics allow for a variety of colors, designs, and precision for your sign. With graphics you can add multiple words without the sign looking too crowded.


One of the main reasons channel letters are a popular choice regarding wall signs is that it provides the option for illumination. Illumination helps a wall sign stand out when the sun sets and lets customers know you’re open to business still. If your sign is inside a mall complex, it helps your business stand out from other shops.

How to Know if Illuminating Channel Letters Are Suited for Your Building

For channel letters to have the option to illuminate, your building must be equipped with the correct electrical components. This means you need to have available wiring behind the wall of where you want your sign to be. If the electrical components are a slight distance from where you want your sign, a raceway may help. To know if your building is equipped with the correct electrical components, City Signs performs a survey before starting a design. A survey refers to when our team goes out to your building to gather information like building measurements, frontage measurements, check electrical components and more! Your designer will receive this information and will communicate their best recommendations.


Channel Letters with a Raceway

Raceways help provide power to all the individual letters of a channel letter sign. They are usually the same color as the wall to blend in. They also help hide and protect electrical components of the sign. You do have the option to make the raceway a different color from the wall.


Another method to provide power to your letters while protecting the wires is to use a wireway.

Channel Letters with a Wireway

Wireways can be used as part of the sign’s design unlike raceways that try to blend in. Wireways combines the usefulness of a raceway and a backer panel. Backer panels are used to give a background color to a sign without painting the building’s wall.


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