Modesto, CA – What Type of Wall Sign Should Your Business Get?

Determining what type of wall sign to choose for your business is a difficult decision. There’s a variety of things to consider like illumination, cost, style and more! In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the most popular wall signs.

Things to Consider before Choosing a Wall Sign

There are a few things to consider before choosing a sign. For example, the business complex that you are leasing from, may have regulations about the type of signs that are allowed. You should discuss with your landlord if there are any limitations regarding signs. Before choosing a sign based on the option of illumination, it’s best to check if your building is equipped with the electrical components. At City Signs, we do perform surveys on buildings to check if illumination is possible. Also, it’s best to check with your city/county about the regulations of wall signs in the public. At City Signs, we have a permitting specialist who can assist you in all city/county matters.

Flat Cut Out Signs (FCOs)

Power House Dance Academy’s FCO Wall Sign

FCOs are signs made of acrylic, usually 1/2inch. With FCOs, you have the option to get them painted a certain color or to add graphics on top. They’re a great choice if illumination is not a high priority. The cost of these sign depends on the size and amount of letters your sign has. If you have a sign that’s only showing your business’s name, it should be a cost-effective choice.


Northside’s Cabinet Sign

Another wall sign are cabinets signs. Cabinet signs are signs that have a box/rectangular like shape with a panel in the front. Cabinets give the option for illumination and to add a variety of words. They’re also useful if you want to make changes to your logo for the holidays because the face of the sign can easily be switched out.


Sovena’s Panel Sign

You also have the option of just adding a panel on your wall. This option is affordable and allows for creativity. It still calls for attention and lets people know the name of your business.

Channel Letter and Capsule Signs

Extreme Power’s Channel Letter Set and Capsule

Channel letter and capsule signs allow for illumination, creativity and pops out to a potential customer. Channel letters are individual letters in a sign while capsules can hold multiple words. In Extreme Power’s sign the capsule is the long portion of the sign that says, “Gas Food Liquor”. They’re a great option to descriptions to a wall sign.


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