New Acrylic Flat Cut Out Letters for Hanger Clinic in Modesto, CA

Customer:  Hanger Clinic
Location:  Modesto, California
Project:  Custom acrylic flat cut out letters mounted to exterior wall and vinyl graphics installed on door

Flat cut out letters are a great sign option for many customers who want a three dimensional sign but do not need illumination or large lettering. Flat cut out letters are often referred to as FCOs in the sign industry and can be made from a large variety of materials. One of the most popular and durable FCO substrates is acrylic which is durable, cost effective and can be custom painted to match any color choice. The letters can be stud mounted or glued depending on the mounting surface. Acrylic also comes in a variety of thicknesses and with the advances in laser technology can be router cut into all sorts of shapes and designs.

Recently, City Signs installed a beautiful FCO letter and logo set for Hanger Clinic in Modesto, California. The letters and tagline are painted a deep duranodic bronze that is complemented by the neutral colors of the building. Another option with FCO logos is applying a printed vinyl overlay to the acrylic to achieve the gradient effect as displayed in the Hanger logo. The entire sign is clean and professional and makes for a great first impression on customers. We also were able to design and install vinyl graphics for their front door that match consistently with building sign.

Interested in the possibilities of FCO lettering? Please give us a call at City Signs today [209.549.2412] and we can give you more details and information about the best sign option for you!