New Feature: Lasering with City Signs Modesto

Lasers are being used in different industries from hair removal to making signs. At City Signs, we got a new addition to our manufacturing team, the Fusion Pro from Epilog Laser. The laser can engrave and cut wood, acrylic, fabric, delrin, cloth, leather, marble, matte board, melamine, plastic and more!

The benefit of using lasers is that it leaves the sign looking smooth. Our process took a lot longer, up to a few hours. However, with the Fusion Pro, it reduces that time.


Laser Engraving Example

The image above illustrates the laser’s engraving capabilities. With a piece of acrylic, we were able to make a coaster with the City Signs logo. Engravings can be used to help assert your branding.

FCO made with Laser

Lasering also helps us make tiny FCOs that would be difficult to cut with a router. For example, we were able to make FCOs that are around 1 1/2 inches. Tiny FCOs could help give a small panel a 3D affect.

How Is It Different from A Router

Each machine has it’s pros and cons. For big signs, like exterior wall signs, the router is best suited. However, for small signs lasering would be preferred. The routing machine uses a bit to cut material and with signs smaller than 2 inches, its difficult for the machine to create the details the design needs. The laser machine excels in this area.

Also, laser machines can vary in sizes, there’s small laser that can be used at home and large lasers that can be used for industrial uses. For more information about lasers, check out EpilogLaser.

How To Get A Sign From City Signs


First, you’ll discuss with one of our City Signs designers to help create your dream sign. Your designer will help your dream sign become a visualization.


Next, depending on where and how big your sign is, it might have to go through permitting. At City Signs, we have a permitting team that will contact county and city officials for you. They will let you and your City Signs designer if any changes have to be made to follow guidelines.

Fabrication and Production

After everything is approved, we can begin creating your sign. In this process, we will determine if the laser machine or the routing machine will be used. Both machines create beautiful signs.


Finally, we can schedule your sign for installation. Our install team will reach out with a potential and you can see your masterpiece in display.


If you’re interested in any of these services, please contact us at 209.229.2220