Oakdale, CA – Local Sign Company: Storefront Signs for Retail Business

Are you starting a business and need a sign for it? A sign can show off your business’s name and purpose. A store sign lets customers know where you’re located, gives them an idea of what your business is about and makes it feel professional. At City Signs, we can help make a sign to your customization. We have years of experience making signs and can provide different types of signs of your preference like panels and channel letters.

Store front sign of Kristine’s Designer Clothing

One example of a sign we made is a panel for a retail store in Oakdale, California called Kristine’s Designer Clothing. Kristine’s Designer Clothing sells cute clothes and provides excellent customer service. The process of making panels like Kristine’s Designer Clothing consist of having a meeting with one of our designers. Our designers will help you create a sign that fits perfectly with your business. Our permitting team will also help ensure that your sign follows all protocols.

After ensuring that the sign follows permitting guidelines, it will enter into production. Our team will cut the desired material to the shape and size agreed upon with the designers.

Material for the panel can be:

  • ACM (aluminum composite material)
    • Lightweight if desired
  • acrylic
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  • coroplast
  • MDO (medium density overlay)
  • polycarbonate (lexan)
  • and more!

The team will then create graphics and print them. The graphics will be laminated to guarantee that your sign remains in pristine condition during a heavy heat wave or on a rainy day. The graphics will be trimmed to fit the cut panel perfectly. Next, we roll the laminated graphics on to the panel and check that no air bubbles are in the sign. Immediately after, it goes into quality control.

The last step is installation. Our installation manager will reach out to you to give you an estimated time of when the team can go to put your sign.

Vinyl that shows office hours and logos

Other products that we can provide is vinyl for your doors. The vinyl can be used to help customers know your business hours and show off your logo. Our production team will create the graphics for you and provide top quality so that it won’t fall off easily and always look  immaculate.


Other services we offer are removal and repair of vinyl. If your business hours change, we can remove the old hours and put the new ones. We’re here to help with all your business sign and vinyl needs.

If your business is interested in having a panel, getting vinyl or any sign related material, contact City Signs. We’re here to provide the best service possible and help make your business aspiration come true.

Contact our team of experts to decide the best products for your company’s building. Call today at 209.229.2220 and make your company stand out.