Oakdale, CA – New Router Cut Aluminum face with Push Thrus for Monument Sign and Acrylic FCOs for address numbers for Gilton

Not too long ago we sat down with the folks over at Gilton, a solid waste management company working out of Oakdale, California. They wanted a fresh look for their monument sign. After speaking with them, we had a solid idea of what they were looking for and we were ready to help them out.

As you can see in this image, the new letters and numbers look beautiful against the cream color of the monument sign. The sign was repainted and, as a whole, the entire project looks clean, professional, and attractive. Gilton was more than happy with the finished project, as were we.

Gilton Solid Waste Management Company services Oakdale and its surrounding areas. According to their website, they also offer “demolition waste processing, diversion, and disposal.” You can visit them online at www.gilton.com.

Gilton went with new router cut aluminum with push thrus for the monument sign and acrylic FCOs for the address numbers. We used printed vinyl on 3M Perforated, made to match using 3M 27 Indigo w/ 8518 lam. Perforated vinyl is a great choice because it allows the sun to shine through the perforations, helping to brighten the sign up naturally. We cut out the sign’s existing aluminum faces and replaced them with brand new aluminum faces, so yes, their sign got a facelift! We used an aluminum router featuring acrylic push thrus with vinyl faces. Tex was coated and painted to match using a BM Cream Fleece. The printed vinyl on 3M perforated used a 3M 27 Indigo with 8518 lam. The dimensional letters were painted to match. The ½” thick acrylic dimensional letters were mounted on the lower part of the sign. We stud mounted the additions flush with the monument sign. We also repainted the entire sign to give it a fresh look.

We can give your sign a fresh look, too. No matter what sort of sign you want to be spruced up, we can take care of that for you. We can also replace any lights you have with LED bulbs that are better for the environment and more cost-effective.

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