Patterson, CA – Custom Exterior Wall Signs: Sign Frames for Marketing & Decor

Is your business located in a large building with lots of empty space on the exterior? Have you considered decorative options for your buildings frontage or sides? Custom signs with built in sign frames is a great and inexpensive option for not only advertising your location and business but also for decorating your building walls.

Creating a custom sign comes with quite a few benefits. Custom made signs allow you to love your sign and not just feel as if you have to settle, you could now have a sign that will fit any office space just right as well as fit in aesthetically. A sign as simple as a sign frame can work as an asset for your business. The simplicity of a sign like these allows the attention of your guests to go directly to the information displayed. You could use these signs to display your business name, services offered, or even the department your building belongs to. You can create a sign that is simple and elegant , modern, or even a sign that is over the top and dramatic if you prefer. With endless possibilities, you can personalize your signs size, frame shape, color, font, and artwork. Even installing your signs plays a huge roll in customizing. These particular signs can be installed on the interior of your business as well as on the exterior as they are to be durable and weather resistant.

We recently have worked on a couple of sign frames for multiple customers. One of the first signs is for a dentist office located in Patterson, CA – Las Palmas Dental. For Las Palmas Dental the actual sign was fabricated out of aluminum and includes a graphic print applied on the surface that allows this company to display their business name and logo. The sign frame was fabricated out of aluminum and was painted black as requested by our customer. This sign frame holds a 1 1/2″ depth and is perfect to display the location of the dentist office to guest. The sign for the Emergency Shelter is a sign we had worked on for Stanislaus County. This Sign was fabricated out of Acrylic and includes a vinyl overlay to incorporate the color black in the background. The sign frame was fabricated out of aluminum with a 1 1/2″ Depth and was also painted black to match the sign. This informs guests and employees as to what building is where. Last but not least Stuarts Pizza is a pizzeria opening soon in downtown Modesto. This sign was fabricated with the intent of this being the customers main signage. The actual sign face was fabricated out of a dibond (ACM) Panel with a digital print applied to the surface. The sign frame was also fabricated out of aluminum and was stud mounted to the wall with 1″ diameter standoffs, as opposed to the other two signs that were flush mounted to the wall. The frame was shaped to an oval to elegantly display the business name. As you can see the material combinations as well as colors, shapes, and sizes can be customized to any vision desired.

Why City Sign?

Here at city signs our staffs main focus is customer service. With over 23 years of experience in this industry we understand how frustrating dealing with City permits can be and that is why handling the permit applications for your signs is one of the many services we offer. We also understand our first time, new business owners. We see how getting started can be confusing as you may not know where to start, for this reason we like to keep all of our customers in the loop as to what is needed, and the process of the signs. We take pride in our services from designing to fabrication and even installations. We provide customers with state of the art material and finished products. With City signs you can ensure all your orders will be held with professionalism and honesty starting with our office staff, graphic designers, fabrication team, to our installation crew.

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