Patterson, CA – Custom LED Monument Sign Options for Apricot Elementary School

Exterior signs are integral to the success of any school’s identification. These exterior signs include address signs, marquee signs, monument signs, and even LED signs. They are fully customizable and lend to your school’s brand.

When you have many people in one area like a school, organization is paramount. Navigation plays a huge role with that, and the directional signs we offer can give you peace of mind. Entrances, exits, parking areas, restrooms, specific classrooms, and more can all be showcased with directories, directional signs, and more! Some of the sign products we have available include: graphics, murals, marquees, pole signs, illuminated signs, directional signs, ADA signs, and many more.

We were very excited when we were contacted by Apricot Elementary School located in Patterson, CA to give their current monument sign a new look. For this sign we produced an aluminum cabinet for their existing monument sign, router cut faces backed with white acrylic with internal LED illumination. We also fabricated aluminum caps for existing monument bricks and a non-illuminated monolithic sign frame with painted acrylic fco’s for the address numbers.

Customize your sign package to fit your school’s brand with use of color matching technology, high-resolution representation of your mascot, stylized lettering and more!

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