Patterson, CA – Illuminated Sign Cabinet for Patterson Plaza

Here at City Signs, we recently we worked with Patterson Plaza in Patterson, CA to install a new sign showcasing all of their tenants. After speaking with them, we knew that a Single Sided Aluminum Side Cabinet was the best way to go. This type of cabinet allows us to put dividers in to separate out each of the businesses operating out of locations within Patterson Plaza. This division allows each location to shine while advertising the plaza and preserving its aesthetic.

The single-sided sign cabinet has an aluminum construction frame system. The dividers were painted to match the Duranodic shade on the cabinet frame itself. The dividers outline six spaces with a white vinyl overlay. The white background allowed us to easily apply each business’ name and logo as well as the name and logo of the plaza. There was more than enough room for each business to include information such as a website or phone number.

We cut out acrylic, in the same Duranodic shade, to make FCOs, or flat cut-out letters and numbers to place the address of the plaza on the sign. The letters and numbers were stud-mounted and attached flush to the existing base. As you can see in the picture, the result is a uniform sign that still allows for the individuality of each of the plaza’s tenants to shine through. Speaking of shining through, we also outfitted each section with fluorescent lights to the sign is visible any time of day or night.

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