Ripon, CA – 5″ Deep LED-Illuminated Channel Letter Set for Ripon Dental

The first step in gaining a custom sign package is a consultation. This step is necessary for finding the specifics that will bring your business the results it deserves. Some of these specifics include:

  • Location – Where your business is located in the community
  • Placement – Where you would like your sign or graphic installed
  • Audience – The type of person/people you are targeted with your marketing tool
  • Budget – The amount you want to spend on your package
  • Maintenance – The level of maintenance you sign will need
  • Design – Design specifications such as logo, slogan, custom colors, and more

Our team works on developing one of a kind sign packages that completely fulfill the needs of our clients. Utilizing the specifications determined in your consultation, our team will begin design and fabrication. Are you promoting a new brand? We can develop a tool that maximizes your logo for visual impact. Would you like to share a featured product or event? Temporary and portable signs can be a great advantage! No matter the goal, our team has a solution!

Ripon Dental is located in a small shopping complex that is very busy so they were looking for a sign that would be sure to draw attention. Once we hot the call from the owner, we were quick to come out and assess their needs. We recommended a wall-mounted exterior sign with channel lettering, and LED illuminated.

  • LED Illumination – This is great for night-time businesses, around the clock advertising, and far-range visibility. They are very durable, and highly visible.
  • Custom Color Matching Capabilities – If you already have a branding in place with specific colors, we have the technology to meet those colors exactly. Or we can show you a wide variety of colors to make the best choice for your sign.

For this particular sign we used  5“ Deep, black aluminum letter returns with 3/4″ black trim cap. For the letters we used white acrylic faces, and for the logo capsule  we used blue acrylic face w/ router cut out letters

backed with white acrylic. Letters are flush mounted with remote supply.

For any dental need, be sure to contact Ripon Dental located in Ripon, Ca. They offer so many new technologies that will keep you returning for more. They offer dental hygiene, cosmetic dentistry, pediatric and orthodontic dentistry, implants, restorative dentistry, periodontics,  and more. Their services use the newest technologies in dentistry today. You can call them at (209) 924-4089.

Are you interested in learning more about the custom signs that can elevate your business? Would you like to speak with our professionals about the benefits that could be yours specifically with custom designs? Our experts are on hand, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today, and we will get your free consultation scheduled today! You can reach us at 209-229-2220 or by emailing