Ripon, CA – SIGN SHOP: Custom Exterior Monument Signs for Shopping Centers

Shopping plazas are incredibly useful places for the average consumer. They usually house multiple businesses from different industries making it a great one stop shop for your errands. It is much better to have one place where you can grocery shop, pick up dry cleaning, and pay a phone bill all one door away from one another. However, these facilities can be confusing, as well.

It is important to make customers aware of the businesses that are located within the shopping center as well as what services are offers. With multiple businesses in one location differentiating them can be very hard. The perfect solution in this case that indeed works better than any other is a monument sign.

A monument sign is perfect when it comes to advising customers of services and businesses that are located in the shopping center. Monument signs typically house panels with information. The information that is ideal to display on these panels would be the company name along with the company’s logo, this will also play a big role when it comes to marketing and advertising.

Our team at City Sign has recently fabricated and installed a monument sign for a new shopping center coming soon to Ripon, Ca. For this Monument the base was constructed of aluminum, Acrylic FCO’s were utilized for the address numbers. The main part of the monument housing the panels is a double sided illuminated aluminum sign cabinet with acrylic panels (Sign Faces). Each business will have their name displayed on these acrylic sign faces (panels) using a vinyl overlay. All the color selections where chosen keeping in mind the future

Customizing Your Monument Sign

Personalize your monument sign package with a custom design imagine by you and our experts. We can utilize creative color combinations, stylized lettering, even incorporate LED lighting for around the clock visibility.  There are options for the placement of your monument as well for instance you can have a smaller monument facing the road, or you can have a large double sided monument that faces oncoming traffic from either direction. Not to mention the main substrate of your monument sign even has options as well such as:

  • Marble
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Acrylic
  • Brick
  • And More!

Are you interested in finding out more about sign options? Call us today at 209.229.2220. We look forward to putting you down the path to your custom sign adventure!