Sacramento, CA – City Signs In A City Near You

Sacramento, the capital of California, has signs all around. Some of the signs in Sacramento have been made and installed by City Signs.

Safe Hold Storage

Safe Hold Storage – Illuminated Sign Cabinet

Safe Hold Storage is a storage unit facility. City Signs helped create and install their beautiful sign.

Illuminated Sign Cabinet

Safe Hold Storage’s sign is an illuminated sign cabinet. The rectangular box is referred to as a cabinet. Cabinets need to get welded to the desired size (which we do at City Signs). After welding, we route/cut the panel. Following, we placed LEDs inside the cabinet. Our LED section ensures that all City Signs are UL certified. Next, we printed the graphics to the shape of the panel. The production team carefully places the graphics onto the panel, ensuring that the image looks magnificent.


CHEF’STORE is a food service and restaurant supply partner. City Signs helped create the acrylic faces sign faces for them.

CHEF’STORE Acrylic Sign Faces for Existing Illuminated Cabinet

For CHEF’STORE, we helped created the acrylic sign faces. The cabinet shown above was already pre-existing. Our services include updates to signs, whether it be for new graphics or you just rented out a commercial space.

Kyo Autism Therapy

Kyo Autism Therapy Acrylic Directory Slat

Kyo Autism Therapy helps provide children with specialized therapy. Kyo Autism Therapy is an a large building that holds many offices. We helped create and install their acrylic directory slat. Our production and installation teams are here to help your customers have an easier time to find your office!

Different Signs We Offer at City Signs!

At City Signs, we can create a variety of signs and provide different services besides the ones listed above.

We can make:

Steps Your Sign Will Go Through


First, a designer will assist in designing your sign. City Sign designers have years of experience in customer service and design. They will help guide you regarding the size, color and look.


City Signs has a permitting specialist who can help assist in getting your sign permitted by the county or city. They will communicate with officials and ensure your sign gets permitted.

Fabrication and/or Design

Depending on your sign, it can go through phases like channeling, prepping, building, wiring, painting and quality control. All these steps help to ensure that your sign is at top quality.


City Sign installers will contact you regarding the information needed for installation and let you know when your sign is ready to be installed.


If you’re interested in any of these service or have any questions, please contact us at 209.229.2220