Sacramento, CA – Custom Monument Sign For Advertising Businesses on Busy Streets

Are you a property owner and looking to spruce up your shopping center, business complex, or property? With the market being as competitive as it is for every business and in every industry, advertising your business and receiving as much exposure to the public as possible is very important. Being able to offer your tenants this exposure is key. Not only does your tenant have a larger possibility to succeed as a business but so do you as a property owner! At City signs we know exactly how you can provide a little extra exposure to your tenants and that’s through monument signs!

Monument Signs are great for many reasons, they can be used as marketing and advertising tools but also play an important role with identifying a business location for new guests or customers. Monument signs are often times located near a parking entry, on the corner of a business and often times two monuments – One for the front entry and the second one for the back entry.

These signs are very customizable. They can be fabricated to match your buildings aesthetic and you even have the choice of an illuminated sign for maximum visibility or a non-illuminated option for business that close early. These signs can be customized for a multi tenant use or custom for a single business. Which ever the case maybe, our team is determined to bring your sign visions to life!

One of our most recent fabricated and installed monument sign was for our create customers at Gracaeda Partners. This Monument sign is located in Sacramento and is approximately 72″ tall x 96″ Long x 8″ Wide fabricated out of aluminum. This monument sign was designed with 8 spaces for tenants. The tenant names will be fabricated as Acrylic individual dimensional Letters  on a backer and will include each tenants name and logo. Like most signs, this sign required a sign permit from the City and engineering.

As a full service sign company City signs offers help in many departments from your initial site check with our experienced surveyor to the final installation with our professional installers. We have a Talented design team that can assist with creating your unique sign design, hardworking in house Fabrication team who deals with the behind the scenes of the process and a permit expeditor who works with each City to get your new signs approved.

If you would like to learn more about the signs we have to offer and what choices would be best for your company give us a call at 209.229.2220 today!