Sacramento, CA – Custom Sign Company: Wall Murals for Schools (Indoor Designs)

Schools have the power to transport people to different times and places through imagination. They have the power to open our minds to new cultures, new careers, and expand our vocabulary. Staff members can add to the effect and set the mood in the lobby’s and classrooms with carefully chosen decor. A wall mural for a learning facility is a great way to add a lot of atmosphere with one simple product.

Wall murals is a high visual impact sign that an go on any wall of your business. It wan be a large entire wall, a hall way, or even on an exterior wall. Our team can work with you to create bring your vision to life.

Wall murals can be customized for any business. These murals can include many different things such as course, your brand or logo, or informative information about the school . These signs are great because they fit well in any classroom setting whether you have a PE class, history or even for your lobby’s.

Wall murals are eye-catching and entice customers when they are placed on the outside of a business. When new students or guests sit in your lobby waiting there are many different signs around they are always read. This is why it is important to showcase need to know information. These wall graphics can transform the most boring, simple space into something unique, giving the school a more creative edge.

There are many ways to show off the different courses offered in your school. Our team will work with you to create the perfect sign for your business using your location, aesthetic, and budget. Our wall murals are made to last a long time and through a ll weather conditions.

We have had the great honor and opportunity to work with Unitek College and helping them create and install their facilities signage. For their conference room we designed a dusted crystal vinyl for privacy but Incorporated their logo for branding and aesthetic purposes. We fabricated a couple wall signs out of acrylic with a paper print for informative messages and mounted to the wall with stand offs. Another sign that we produced and installed was their hallway signage. We directly applied vinyl onto the wall and added their mission statement made out of FCO’s.

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