Sacramento, CA – Signs for Apartment Complexes

Mailmen, residents and guests can get confused in apartment complexes filled with multiple addresses. City Signs can help ease that confusion and shorten the time of searching with signs.

However, signs aren’t limited to apartment numbers. Signs can be used to notify about parking status and remind people to pick up after their pet.

Apartment Numbers

Apartment numbers for a complex in Sacramento, CA

For example, we (City Signs) helped create and install apartment numbers for a complex in Sacramento, CA.  The signs above are made using acrylic and the customer asked for a matte look.

Flat cut outs for 1651 Response Rd

Another type of sign you can get for your complex are flat cut outs. The image above are flat cut outs that we helped create and install for 1651 Response Rd. We can create smaller versions (or bigger) if you wish.

Apartment labels for Stonegate Apartment

One more type of sign for apartments are labels. Stonegate apartments have labels that show which interval of addresses are located in the complex. This type of sign reduces the time of searching and makes for happy guest and future residents.

Other Sign Usage for Apartments


Parking numbers for Village Ceres Complex

An additional way of using signs at apartments are parking labels. For example, we helped create and install parking labels for Village Ceres Complex. The signs let residents know where their assigned parking is.

Informative Sign

Informative Sign for Denair Manor Apartments

You can also get a sign to let people know the name of your complex and any relevant information needed. The sign above is a sign made and installed for the Denair Manor Apartments. The sign lets people know the name of the apartment, the owner, the government program and more.

Steps for Getting a Sign


First, you would get into contact with one of our City Signs designers. Our designers have years of experience in designing and customer service. They will be able to map out your signs and confirm of the design matches with what you have in mind.


Secondly, City Signs also has a permitting specialist to ensure your sign gets permitted and follows county and city guidelines. They will answer all your question and help with all the required paperwork.

Production and/or Fabrication

Next, depending on the type of sign you order, it can go through many phases. The phases your signs can go through are channeling, prepping, building, wiring, paint and quality control. All theses steps help to ensure that your sign is of excellent quality.


Finally, you’ll get notified by our installation team that your signs are ready. Our installation team is professional and can reach many high places. Since complexes are relatively big, when installing apartment numbers, you would need a person on site to show where all the numbers go. Our installation team will discuss with you the required information.


If you’re interested in any of these services or have more questions, please contact us at 209.229.2220