Salida, CA – Acrylic FCO sets and Vinyl Graphics for Valley Fire Place

Valley Fire Place was looking for an interior sign to point visitors in the direction of their showroom. We visited their premises and measured up the wall space where they wanted the sign. Our suggestion  –  installing flat cut lettering – was greeted positively and we got to work on the design. The final results added a nice, decorative touch to the interior, while providing a practical function.

Check out the


photo to see what a good job we did. The lettering and trademark smoke symbol have crisp edging, and have been painted black to add an elegant look. For the direction arrow and word “SHOWROOM,” we applied 3M black vinyl graphics.

Valley Fire Place needs a large showroom because they manufacture a wide range of products to suit different tastes. They design fireplaces to suit all types of fuel, including gas, wood, and pellets. You can buy electric fireplaces in their showroom, too. They even sell outdoor fireplaces and barbecues.


To create a depth that was bold and enhancing, we made the letters from ½” acrylic, which was then painted black. These letters are cut out using a CNC-router. There’s no more accurate way of cutting acrylic, and our machines have no trouble carving through acrylic ½” or more thick. All that’s needed after this is some minimal filing to leave the finished edges flawless. The acrylic FCO set of letters was installed using wall studs. We used adhesive-backed vinyl for the smaller lettering.

Flat, cut-out acrylic letters give a nice, clean look to any sign. They can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes. The CNC-router carves curved edges as accurately as it does straight edges. The client’s smoke symbol was printed from design artwork provided by the client and machined in acrylic accordingly. Using flat, cut-out acrylic letters is one of the best budget-conscious ways of creating effective interior signage.

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