San Andreas, Ca- Rooftop Sign Cabinet for Gerard Insurance

Not too long ago we got a call from Gerard Insurance, located in San Andreas, Ca. They had an existing sign located on the roof of their business, but the angle the sign facing was not utilizing it’s full potential to be  viewed by their customers, so we knew just how to upgrade their existing sign and also install the sign to where it maximizes the amount of visibility to the crowd.

Nearly every business can benefit from a rooftop sign. If you are located along a highway, a rooftop sign can make your business visible to drivers looking for a place to stop. For business located in downtown areas or other busy, populated spaces, a rooftop sign is a focal point in all of the bustle. Whatever your surroundings, a rooftop sign is something people will remember and seek out.

For this sign we removed the existing sign and produced and installed a new sign.  We used a new 12” deep aluminum construction cabinet, painted black with a 1½” retainer.  For the face we used white acrylic w/ vinyl overlay. We made the faces double sided , so it can be viewed from either direction. The logo was digitally printed on 3m Translucent w/ 8518. This sign is double sided and LED illuminated mounted to the roof w/ manufactured frame.

Gerard Insurance provides many different types of insurance including: auto, home, recreation, health, business and many more! Plus they have a very friendly team, that will be happy to help you achieve you insurance goals. Give them a call at 209-754-1490.

It is easy to join our long list of happy customers. Reach out to us via phone at 209.229.2220 or email to start the conversation about your rooftop sign options for your restaurant. Get ready to attract some much-deserved attention to your restaurant!