Sign Conventions and Associations – Useful Networking

Sign conventions and expos help sign industries create partnerships and learn about the latest technology. Sign conventions are usually held by Sign Associations.  A few examples of sign associations are the INTERNATIONAL SIGN ASSOCIATION (ISA), CALIFORNIA SIGN ASSOCIATION, NEVADA SIGN ASSOCIATION, and ARIZONA SIGN ASSOCIATION (please note that Nevada and Arizona Sign Association are affiliates with the International Sign Association).

Sign conventions will increase your network. You can find other sign businesses and create a partnership. Partnerships are important because if there is an area that your company lacks in, your partners can cover it for you. It also helps to know who your competitors are in your area. A company can tank if they don’t have some knowledge about their competition since your customers can easily go to them.

Sign conventions also help introduce the latest technologies in the industry like LEDs, routers, lasers and more! Some of the hosting associations include auctions! Auctions are useful to get a truck to help with installation.

ISA recently hosted a sign convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Their convention held educational sessions about sign fabrication, marketing and more!

Sign associations offer more services as well. Some sign associations provide programs to help train your team. Training is very useful when onboarding new employees to the company.

Examples of Signs We Created At City Signs


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