Sign Installers in Stanislaus County | Sign Repairs & Services for Custom Signs

Do you own a sign that needs some repair? If so City signs can help! with over 24 years in the sign industry we cater to most sign needs. From starting at a small shop to being able to fabricate our signs in house, installing illuminated lights to servicing existing signs we are proud of our accomplishments, milestones and most importantly our customer service while in business. The most important qualities in a business are always quality products and great customer service, and we are proud to announce that we have them both!

Sign maintenance can be very important because for most businesses signs are a way of advertising their locations to new potential guests. Keeping up with the lighting of your sign is very important and falls into the category of sign maintenance especial for businesses that are open late at night. Lighted signs are also used for lighting up your storefront at night to help guests feel a bit safer in your area and to make your business feel welcoming. As crazy as it may sound, even maintaining your sign clean can bring in more guests to your business! A great example is picturing a building with a sign that is half blinking and half of the letters are out and the parking area is large with lights also out. Down the road from this building there is a store that sells a similar product and the signs are working, lighting up the front entrance and the parking area lights are on. Can you picture what area would be most inviting for guests?

As a full service sign company we offer many different services. A couple examples of the services we offer include :

  • Neon Sign Repairs
  • Custom Sign Designs
  • Installation of Existing or New Signs
  • Logo Designs

And much much more!

As a small sign company we are here to help our community, and surrounding cities with any new signage needs or existing sign services. We believe in not just quality work but also in providing our customer with the great customer service. When taking care of sign installation we make sure to inform customers of permits that are required by the City and even help our customers apply and obtain these permits to help take some weight off the shoulders of our customers as we understand how stressful opening a new business can be.

Are you interested in learning more about services we offer? Give us a call today at 209.229.2220 today to set up your free consultation and a receive a quote! Our professional look forward to hearing from you.